ASTRA TAiloring

ASTRA Tailoring released their first bespoke tailoring collection in 2017 – Modus Vivendi. With the brand’s pioneering design details and unique individualistic style, interwoven with exquisite sewing craft and innovating environmental conscience we bring a green revolution to the traditional tailoring industry. From our fabric sourcing, tailoring, sewing, accessories and after-sales service, we strive to provide the most intimate options for our fellow customer.


Professional Design Prospective

Founded by two up and coming local designers ANGUS TSUI and AYUMI KWAN, ASTRA Tailoring uphold and merge the two different design language of sharp edged lines with vibrate colours. Differs from traditional bespoke tailoring methods, substantial amount of innovation and techniques are added in the design process. The final product includes 3D tailoring details and collage of marble patterned fabric to elevate the overall design texture. As for accessories, our designer not only searched for unique buttons around the world, they also developed a range of laser cut engraved buttons. Unlike traditional two and four holes button design, three holes design is utilized to relate to the brand label. Moreover, in house hand drawn printing will be included in every new collection by digital printing onto shirt lining, matching with the suit fabric. Suit design will cater for each customer’s requirement and to fit the setting it is presented. No matter it is work attire, weekend getaway, or cocktail parties ASTRA TAILORING will have you covered with style.


Graduated with first-class honors from Nottingham Trent University, Angus Tsui won the 2013 Design Student of The Year and 2014 Young Design Talent Award, making him an immediate force to be reckoned with on the local fashion scene. He pays close attention to the inextricable bond between fashion and the environment, he had worked for the pioneer of the sustainable design, Orsola de Castro in early years to explore the upcycling design techniques. The brand ‘ANGUS TSUI’ was launched in 2014, aiming to create garments that are meant to last throughout many future seasons, and one of its collection ‘BEEvolution’ was picked up by Isetan Department Store, Tokyo.  Besides, ‘ANCARES’ project, a self-established project by Angus, has been partnered with H&M and Ford to promote sustainability design and responsible purchase. 

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After graduating from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers and School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ayumi Kwan has explored her creativity with different roles in the design industry, such as animator, stylist for large-scale cultural festival, as well as fashion designer for local brands. She prides herself in creating modern pieces with the use of recycled and reclaimed goods. She is also listed as the finalist of 2017 Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers Contest (YDC), her collection will be shining on the stage of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in coming September.