Professional Design Prospective

ASTRA Tailoring is a new up-and-coming menswear label with one goal in mind - to support the designers' shared passion for shirting and sustainability.

ASTRA Tailoring exploring the contrast between masculine and the classic elements through the interesting details. Their knack for manipulating fabrics creates a whole new kind of tailoring fashion - sophisticated, colorful and with a flair for the weird. Differing from the traditional suitwear, ASTRA Tailoring create an unique, fashionable high-end design to the public.


International Chic with a Québécois Touch.


About Designer

After graduating from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC) and School of Continuing and Profesional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS), Ayumi Kwan has explored her creativity with different roles in the design industry, such as animator, stylist for large-scale cultural festival in Hong Kong and overseas, as well as fashion designer for local brands. Also, she joined different fashion event such as show case in shopping mall, fashion exhibition.

She worked as development & consultant at local designer brand since 2016. Then, She builds her brand, ASTRA Tailoring on 2017. She prides herself in creating modern pieces with the use of unique techniques and distinctive fabric. Her collection have been showed on 2013 Hong Kong Fashion Week. She is also listed as the finalist of 2017 Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers Contest (YDC).